I know many of you folks out there are always looking for new ways to generate more leads online.  Many online lead generation techniques are spammy or just don’t work.

Most companies have heavily invested in having an up-to-date website but they forget the urgency with which they need to have a system which will facilitate and direct them on how to build an inventory of leads. The kind of competition out there will leave no room for the misinformed businesses and these as you know, will end up in poor sales and business closure. You need to be aware on where and how to start getting your online traffic because lead generation is by far indispensable for those looking to make huge online profits. For any sales activity to give remarkable results there must be willing clients, people who are interested in what you are selling and therefore, if you use lead generating techniques, it guarantees you higher sales and customers will develop a liking for both you and your product.

Many a times, people talk of lead generating techniques but rarely will someone tell you exactly what they are. It is vital to note that there are numerous possibilities which are both easy and affordable to use. The goal in using these leads is to get as much traffic as you can. Therefore comprehensive knowledge about what you can do, how you can do it and when you can do it are critical to achieving your success. You need to identify your target groups first and thereafter choose a technique which works best in that market.

Every industry and business has a special technique which, when employed guarantees maximum results. But in all this, the primary concept is similar. They will both help your business to gunner the necessary exposure it needs. A common equation to help you understand how this works is as follows; when you get exposed to your market, your online business will get traffic, the traffic will bring potential lead and the leads can easily be converted to sales if you have the right lead generating tool. The internet is today a promising market for those growing their businesses as well as for those who are just starting. Therefore if you are one among the millions already involved in online business, you will need both dedication and knowledge on the tools required for success.

Before we get started on the various leads, you need to know that the process of generating leads is a good publicity stunt for any business. This is one way through which your customers and prospects are able to know of your goods or services, or promote your products. Therefore, by generating leads, you are generating potential sales which will bring about huge profits. Generating traffic to your website is not enough. You need to learn how you can retain your customers as this is also another significant topic for your online business. In today’s business world and market trends, consumers tend to form relationships with either the manufactures or suppliers of whatever product or service they are using.

The various types of lead generating techniques explained:

Do not be surprised to learn that there are some lead generating techniques which are ineffective. Contests or sweepstakes have been passed by time and have thus grown very inappropriate both for customers and professional service providers. Referrals and networking are still used by many businesses although they do not guarantee the kind of results your business needs. Rise up from your slumber and change with the speed of technological advancements. There is a new wave of online business developments which will give you more than you bargained for.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, commonly used with the acronyms SEO, will help any business penetrate its market. We live in a world where Google has all the answers and therefore the first thing any manager, teacher, student, fashion designer, architecture, banker, or a doctor will do when faced with an issue they are not sure of, is to Google their question or issue. Smart phones and iPads have even made it easy for people to spend much time online. SEO will position you where your target clients can easily see your online content. From this point on, it is up to you to play your cards right and see if you can win such leads over to your business.

Optimized Websites

Did you know that most websites which are run by companies and businesses are not designed in a manner to generate leads? Such are the kind of websites where customers find nothing useful to their needs. Without lead generating websites, you are doing zero work since you are unable to satisfy a large market segment. Therefore, it is paramount that you ensure the kind of website you put up is able to deliver the unique selling preposition of your business, and customers are able to get learn valuable information which should lead them to respond to your call of action. As much as it sounds simple, it is equally helpful.

Online Advertising

If you are looking for something which is fast, you can buy your space in search engine result pages through pay per click advertisements. This approach will put you at an advantage because your advertisements will be placed where there are relevant key words that your business associates with. Any business looking to save money while attracting more credible and potential leads should try this technique since it is track-able. It is also believed that those who use this system have high quality returns because a number of people clicking on their advertisements are looking for some form of solution. With pay per click ads, you get to pay only when someone clicks your advertisements.

Social Media

Using online social media is yet another alternative that has been abused by others while many have made a catch out of it. This technique is quite simple and guarantees high results based on the quality of the networking techniques you employ. Each social site offers a different platform and style of interaction but the goal here is to get attention from as many people as possible from. If you can connect with your audience on the social media, you can be sure they will respond and give you the much needed reputation and of cause sales that your business needs. The kind of results you draw out of this depends on the quality of time you invest in it.

Use of Webinars

Have you ever thought of a webinar as a tool for marketing your online business? This is something you need to think about since it can help you draw a number of potential clients. It is more like a seminar and in most cases it is done free of charge. Those attending have to register and this will provide you with their information. Do not use webinars to put up your sales talk, because their purpose is to educate the attendees. To have a successful webinar, you need to choose good topics that are of interest to a number of people since this will attract their attention and make them follow you. In the long run, they will develop trust in your local business.

What industry are you in? How does it perform? What do people want to know about your industry? These are the kind of questions you need to keep in mind while trading online. Customers are curious people who want to change with the latest trends and therefore, if you are in a position to offer industrial research reports, then you can be sure you will have a huge following. This will make you a industrial giant, even if you are running a small local business. Prospective customers will change their view of your business and this will help strengthen your brand. One way to capture even a larger market group is by making your research topics as interesting as possible.

In this fast paced world, people are more interested in physical evidence rather than what is written. This is the root source of online video mail which is the next technique we are going to look at. If you can position your company in a manner that your target customers who are able to see you explain how you can solve their problems, then you are on the right track. With videos, you not only generate leads but you also nature them, which is an added advantage to your business.


The use of white paper/e-books is equally a very good approach to market your business and bring in leads. Your credibility is on the line and by using this technique; you are developing the trust and reputation with a vast number of people. You can offer such giveaways behind a registration screen or for free on your website. If you so which, there are third party companies whose services come in handy during this time. How well you explain yourself on various subjects will determine the kind of success you generate with these tools.

Electronic Newsletters

Offering electronic newsletters is a good way to reach many people. The quality of your content is what will help you generate traffic to your website. Every sign up for your e-newsletter is a potential lead while those already signed up can still be natured to remain loyal to your brand. Let it be known that one can subscribe to free newsletters and this should be clear on your website. Again, while looking into this option, the success you generate is based on the quality of your content.


If you are a blogger, then this technique is one you need to read carefully. Using blogs will not bring to your website much leads, but they are useful in directing leads to your website. With blogs, you are free to use as many keywords as you wish and this will in turn position you where your target market can see you. It is advisable to have your blog page on your business website. This is very professional. You can also market your page on other social sites where a large number of people will be able to see what you offer and either relate to it or ignore if the content is not appealing.

Having an infectious personality works well with any of the above online tools. You also need to email your leads on regular basis if you are going to retain them and turn them into regular customers. Well, there are your online marketing techniques. As usual, when used effectively, the best results will be realized. It is advisable to create an online marketing department in your local business, one that will completely oversee the effective execution of the online lead generation techniques. However, if you feel you are perfect at it and can efficiently develop the online lead generation strategies, go for it. After all, you will be saving on the money that could have been used to set up the special department dedicated to online lead generation.


Have you heard of people who are making money online by blogging?  Seems simple doesn’t it?  Just write about something that seems interesting to you and somehow you magically make money from it.

I want to take a second and introduce you to a new built for you blogging system that makes you money on autopilot!

The Empower Network Blogging System

It’s not magic but it is real and you can do it to. Below are several ways to make money from your blog.

All you have to do is write about something that interests you! The Empower Network Blogging System does the rest for you!.

This is not some nonsense that you see on the internet a lot of times.  You can and will make money from this blogging system and all you have to do is login each day and write about something that interests you.  Your blog will do the rest for you!

That’s right!  This blogging system is setup for you so that you don’t have to worry about how you setup a blog that converts traffic into customers for you.  It’s all done for you and you only have to login, it doesn’t have to be daily but it’s best to blog daily, and then write a quick blog post about something that interests you.

It is really that simple to get started blogging and making money with the Empower Network Blogging System.  This system makes it easy for even the newest newbie to get started making real money from blogging without having to go through all the headaches of setting up a system.

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10 ways to make money blogging


If you’ve ever wanted to make money online, then here are 10 ways to make money blogging from the comfort of your home. The truth is that blogging is a wonderful way to make money, and as long as you do it right, you can easily make your blog grow and make you the money that you need. Below, I outline 10 ways to make money blogging; all of which can help you to make a good income and have it grow.

The top 10 ways to make money blogging

• Sell your blogs

Selling your blogs are a great way to make some extra money. Most websites today are sold anywhere from $1,000 all the way up to millions of dollars all because the site has earned some money or followers. Try putting up one of your blogs up for sale at Flippa.com. You will probably get several bids on your website as long as your blog already makes some money and has a good following.  Blogs loaded with good content on a specific subject are in high demand on sites like Flippa and other sites that specialize in selling websites.

• Sell affiliate products through an email list

An email list is nice because you can get your current followers and update them or sell to them through an email. Whoever signs up to your email list, you’re able to update or sell to on a daily or weekly basis. In the email, you can offer them whatever you may want: affiliate products, ebooks, services. The best part about email lists is that you can have a personal relationship with those who you email, so you can gain trust which can be used for more sales some time in the future.

• Charge for email advertising

Once you’ve grown a good list, you can actually let others pay you to place their ad or ads in each of your email lists. They know that this is very targeted, so they’ll be more than willing to pay you anywhere from $50 to $200 for several email ads. Try putting an “Advertise with us” page on your blog and write down your services. You can list almost any price, as other marketers would love extra promotion. Just remember to never go too far with your prices.

• Adsense

Adsense is basically an advertising program where Google allows you to post certain ads on your site, and for every click that is made on those clicks, you are guaranteed a small amount of money. Of course, you’ll need to get lots of clicks to have a sustainable business from Adsense, but it’s very easy to make money long term. Remember that it takes some time to earn a lot of money from Adsense, but it’s still good try this out and see if it’s for you. I suggest placing the ads in the middle of your text, as you could make the most amount clicks when they’re in the middle of the content.

• Sell ad space

If you’d like a good monthly income, you can make other people pay you a small amount every month for them to have their own ads placed on your site. These will usually be ads to their product and there are tons of people who enjoy doing this. I suggest charging people around $29 for their first month, and then make them pay more sometime in the future or possibly on their next month. In the end, you could get 10 people posting ads on your site, and that would mean a consistent amount of recurring money every month.

• Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you become an affiliate and you earn a percentage for every sale made. So, you can try reviewing several products on your blog and earn some money for every sale that you make. I suggest joining both the Clickbank and the Amazon affiliate programs, as the both of those are the most notable. Once you’re all signed up, you can easily promote several products on your site.

• Write in exchange for a pay

There are actually many companies that will ask you to post an ordinary blog post about their business, with them paying you a small amount. Of course, you’ll need lots of visitors for other people to think that your blog is worth paying, so try to offer this service once you’ve earned several consistent visitors to your site.

• Donate button

What’s nice about using the donate button from paypal on your blog is that there are good chances of your followers being generous. Try using this button at least once, and see what happens to your blogs. Some people just might send some money your way. As long as you provide good help and information, your visitors are definitely going to be willing to help you out.

• Be a self proclaimed blogger

Aside from simply making money from anything, try to become a self proclaimed blogger who simply wants to grow your fan base. Once you’ve done this, people will want to know more about you. Some bloggers like to review certain places, and now that they’re big online, many local hotels and events invite them to review the event. So, growing your name is already good enough, and then you expand and do all the other things to make money like Adsense.

• Sell your own ebooks

I don’t suggest doing this right away, but it’s a nice way to make money as you grow. Once you’ve gotten several hundred or thousand followers in your blog, you can start creating ebooks related to what you write about the most. So, if your blog is about art or entertainment, maybe try creating a 100 page ebook about getting started as an entertainer or musician.

The above ideas are just some of the best 10 ways to make money blogging. Some ideas may work right away while others may take some time; it’s all about learning the basics of how it all works. I truly suggest trying out each method, as they can all help you to make the most amount of money from your blog. So, you should really consider trying out everything above. Blogging is a fun way to explore your gifts and talents as a writer, but you could easily grow your income if you want to by trying out the different ways above.

Get started now and learn how to make money blogging, go watch this video to learn how.


Lots of people who are trying to make extra cash online tend to spend a lot of their time chatting on instant messages and email or on facebook etc. Then they end up wondering where did all of their time go and why do they seem to never get anything accomplished.

Below is a list of 5 things you should be doing regularly to promote your website. If you are not doing any of these things regularly then you are not spending your time wisely marketing your site.

1. Test all of your landing pages so that you can improve your click thru rate or your conversion rate on every page that is important to your business. That means your front lead in page and your thank you pages or any squeeze pages you have in place. There are many different services on the web to help you do this and Google has a free one called website optimizer.

2. Answer a couple of relevant questions to your market on Yahoo Answers everyday. You cannot recommend your site specifically but you can link to it in your signature and helping answer relevant questions will drive qualified traffic to your link.

3. Go to a live conference with people who would be interested in your products or services and talk to as many people as possible and give out your business card. Hang out at the bar for a bit and try to meet other folks attending. This can quickly lead to some large contacts who can really help you fill the gaps in your marketing.

4. Send some samples of your product to some local radio dj’s. If they like them they will probably easily mention you on air.

5. Ask your customers for testimonials. If possible gather some video testimonials as they will really help convey the authenticity of your customers feelings.

Do something everyday to promote your business.

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